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BLUE FIN Shipping is a joint venture of four very experienced founders, which are active in the market for many years, and one big and experienced ship management company, all with a deep maritime knowledge. Once this was an analogue industry, transporting cargo from A to B. Now it is an integrated part of supply chains, with increasing digitalization empowering better decision making, unlocking new values and presenting opportunities beyond traditional business practices. Our goal is to operate small multi-purpose vessels (coaster) that meet the highest economic and ecological demands and define a new standard, especially in the achievement of current and future environmental protection goals. In order to achieve this, we always want to be one step ahead of our competitors. This is an incredibly exciting time to be involved in shipping and we are determined to secure our position at the leading edge of developments and the operating of different types of vessels.

Our mission: Cloud based fleetmanagement providing state of the art transparent and real-time reporting and above all a 24/7 management alignment with short decision making processes.

=> Maximize efficiency, profitability and sustainability

=> Minimize OPEX and risk


BLUE FIN Shipping GmbH + Co. KG

Rudolf-Diesel-Str. 2

21614 Buxtehude, Germany


Tel.:      +49 4161 595349

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